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Binjip = 3 Iron (D: Kim Ki-Duk)

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The movie from Kim Ki Duk won in Venice and I read so much good reviews about it.

So me and some friends wanted to see the Trailer. All I found was this german site

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 31396.html”></LINK_TEXT>

If you wanna see it, just click on the word Trailer…

Has someone more information about the movie?

here you go, honey :slight_smile:

you can watch the 3 IRON trailer at looks very bizarre

Personally I think this is Kim’s second best movie (right after the perfect Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring). Definitely one of the most original movies of the 2000’s.

btw, here the (US) trailer:


I like the whole film but the captions at the end of the film were really stupid and offend intelligent audiences.

it was a very cool film i thought. i liked it

It ain’t cool, it’s poetic.