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Big Fan

This looks fantastic:

Wow, I actually got chills. Can’t help but think the movie would have had more of an impact if the trailer had layed off a little on the heavy stuff, though. Awesome looking movie though.

Yeah, Oswalt is one of my favorite comedians and to see him in a film like this, that looks straight out of the 70s/80s loner era (King of Comedy, Taxi Driver), is incredibly exciting.

looks good! but the trailer gives too much away.

[quote=“Col. Crazy Kenneth”]
looks good! but the trailer gives too much away.

Yeah, it does throw a lot out there. But it’s not so much the plot unraveling that’ll make it interesting. It’ll be more the Paul character and Patton’s performance. That shot of him with the birthday hat on is burnt in my head already.

Aww! This really DOES look good! And I adore Patton Oswalt.

I was hoping that someone would pick this up for a wider distribution.

It was second only to Black Dynamite in terms of popularity at

Sundance this year & I can definitely see why.

I can’t wait to see what Patton can do

w/ a weighty (no pun intended)

leading role. After all, the only

other starring performance

he’s had thus far has been

voicing a CGI-animated cooking rat.

Which was still awesome & all. But, this

is the performance that I’ve been waiting for

for Patton.