Best Scene in Inglorious Baserds


And as whoseewhatsit said earlier, the intro is bloody awesome. The big Frenchman hiding the Jewish folk should have been nominated for some sort of best supporting actor role.


For me the best scene in IB is the part in the cinema scene where everybody is getting burned and they fired at Hitler and all the German Nazis inside. I was like, Oh shoot! If this what really happened… Let’s bow to the IBs! hahaha!


The best part was when they marked hans in the forehead at the end haha


I like the Bear Jew scene. The German guy try to hold his mask when he heared the sound of the bat banking againg the wall and Brad Pitt just acted like nothing happen :smiley:


My favourite scene is the one where he carves the swastika on the forehead(cant remember his name) towards the ending.

Awesome sense of justice.


I thought the scene where Pitt is trying to speak Italian to the German officer was tension at its highest. What a great film. I wish my Dad was alive to see it. He was a military vet and loved QT films.



The best scene was the opening "Monsineur Lapadite, wi wi wi…bla bla…"

Just fantastic!



I’m agree with MovieFan69, the best scene of this movie was when Pitt is trying to speak Italian to the German officer, is was an excellent movie about the WORLD WAR II.


It’s really hard for me to pick just ONE fav scene, but I would have to pick in the very beginning when the “Jew Hunter” comes to that guys house. The dialogue and acting was brilliant there. It was a very long scene, but it was written so well, that it was great. Def my fav, but I loved the whole movie!! :slight_smile:


BEST: Shosanna’s Death.

FAVORITE: Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz’ Introduction.

I saw this film eight times on the big screen.


The scene in the basement tavern was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Tarantino executed this scene perfectly, the build-up (mostly in German, a feat in itself) was nail biting was and the tension was palpable. Though the film had it’s slower moments, this scene with the Basterds meeting their German movie star contact surrounding by drunken Nazis was so well done!


Agree. When I first heard Quentin talk about the Tavern scene, being this rubber band of suspension that he wanted to stretch as as much as he could, and being this super long dialogue scene, I was actually kind of worried. Remember, this was just after the Death Proof disaster. Not to say that I consider Death Proof a disaster, but it seemed like people just didn’t dig his dialogue anymore…

So anyway, yes, the Tavern scene turned out brilliant. It was such a Leone moment, the incredible extended tension and then BAM BAM BAM and it’s all over within a few seconds. Just incredible.

But there’s so many scenes that I love. I’ll never forget the opening scene, particularly the part when Shoshanna’s family gets executed. That music that plays over that scene, that orchestral screaming (I suck at music, can’t describer it better than that) man that just gave me the fuckin’ chills, incredible.

Also, when Frederick shoots Shoshanna, that entire sequence and the way it was SO unexpected! Just, brilliant.