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BBC Radio 1 New Tarantino Interview

Don’t know if anyone brought this up, thought webmaster and the rest may be interested…

Very interesting stuff he talks about in this interview…

Click Here, it’s under listen “Quentin Tarantino speaks to Jo”. ÂÂ

You need Real Player to listen.


  • Jono

When was that interview? can you post a transcript, because not everyone has that dumb realplayer

doesnt work

doesnt work. can you make a transcript of it and post it?

I think that a lot of people would like to read it.

Cool interview man, thx ;D ;D

Good interview. A little old, but entertaining nontheless.

Haha, is Vivica still dating 50 cent?

no the interview is way old

he said vol. 2 was gonna come out in Feb

Yeah it says it was broad casted on the 6th October 2003. :-/

I have that interview on cd somewhere, does anyone on here know where i can get some more Tarantino interviews for my collection cheers :wink: apart from shitty kazaa