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Basterds pre-history

(Im not american, so beware of bad english…)

Well, im going trough a time when my mind is constantly revolving around this movie and Tarantino in general, and im coming here regularly to satisfy some of this thirst. I dont know why im more excited now then i was before, but maybe its because its getting really close for us to see some reviews, im not sure…Some years ago, i was very uninterested in every movie that was being made for cinema. They all seemed very bad, and i had even forgotten how much i used to enjoy Tarantino’s movies. But when i saw Kill Bill, it reminded of how wonderfull was to go to the movies and be surprised and fully satisfied.

So, i think i have never waited so anxiously for a movie like im waiting for this one. He is finally making again something that feels a lot like Reservoir Dogs, in my opinion, and we might never have the oportunity to see him making another movie like this. Ive already read the screenplay twice and that havent hurted my excitement in anyway - if anything, im more prepared now to not be disapointed for expecting something diferent then what Tarantino was delivering…maybe thats why this screenplay was “leaked”; to prevent any “The Phantom Menace” kind of situation…

The purpose of this thread is to satisfy a little bit more of my thirst for basterd goodness…i wanted some sources of old references made by Quentin about this movie; does anybody know when we first heard of his WWII magnum opus? One think i cant wait to see is the first Charlie Rose interview he does after releasing this movie…

catch up with some of the articles that are on the main page. they go into the history of the making of IB though not in much detail. one article was about how he and his friends were talking about wanting to do an “Inglorious Bastards” movie. meaning based on the 1978 Italian movie “Inglorious Bastards” (this one is misspelled “Inglourious Basterds”). I can’t wait for the Charlie Rose interview too. Those are always very interesting to watch. I’m actually not that excited for I.B., at least not like I was for Kill Bill. This is the main movie of 2009 that I’m interested in though.

thanks; i have seem recently an article that was posted by Seb on the front page that was exactly what i was looking for, but thanks again