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Avater/Banner Give away

Can you get the one with all the black and white photos of Quentin please?

Somebody is already using that one (eash user sould have a differnt one) these are just a few I made myself as I am constantly changing mine, and it’s a shame just to waste them, so if you like one take it tho let me know so I can delete it from here. If there is a specific theme you would like just ask i’ll see what I can do… :wink:


We want exclu, Dillon, what’s the next banners for the count down of Sin City release ?

Anywhay those ones are very cool !

you gots to wait… currently in production.

(here’s a exclu, I made 2 that day, decided on the second)

This last one is cool ! :smiley:

Isn’t it too detailed to look normally on the whole?

I made it twice the size originally but it wont post in full size…

It kind of sends you on a trip if you stare to long…

House Of 1000 Corpses Set: