Avatars wanted

updated the forum. all avatars can now be chosen in the PROFILE

here’s my humble contribution

[quote=“Big Mans Wife”]
here’s my humble contribution


I LOVE that one!

Okay I made some more:

Hey, can someone make one of Elle Driver in a gif, like a moving one? I’d love that as an avatar but can’t find any!

Found this site that has some BEAUTIFUL Avatars, some may have to be resized to use here, but they truly are stunning!


:o :o thanks for the link !

yeah, very good link.

No problemo !

can somebody make some smore avatars from True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Desperado, Littley Nicky, etc… those not-so-famous ones?

those are cool! I love the Vernita one at the bottom!

thank you :wink:


Hope this link is any good for yer?


okay i made a bunch of Q&U icons, hope they’re okay:

Hope you like!

Very very good, Miarose… Always so fan of Q&U ! :smiley:

Thanks hehe

I think Miarose is actully Quentin…

Nicejob Mia! As u can c I changed mine 2 one of em hehe.

I think Miarose is actully Quentin…

Hmm… possible. Very possible.

My secret is out.