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Audio Commentry

Does anyone know if Audio Com. is on any of the DVD’s from different countries

I doubt very much there will be an audio commentary on any of the DVD releases so far. However, I wouldn’t bet on there not being one in the future ‘Special Edition’ renditions of the volumes.

Let’s just hope Quentin doesn’t burn out on talking about Kill Bill like he did with Pulp Fiction (which resulted in no commentary… bah!)

I’d rather hear what the actors say rather then QT. Lets face it he does tend to go on and on and on…and he probably wouldnt let anyone get a word in edgeways

For Volume 1 I would like to hear commentry from Uma because she is The Bride, from Julie because not only did she play Sofie, she worked behind the scenes too, Lucy Liu because despite past rubbish roles she was brilliant as O-Ren. So yeah a girlie fest for the first Volume

For Volume 2 I’d like Michael, David and Daryl

And Gordon

I dont think he can speak English can he. I would have added him and Chiaki but I dont think either of them speak English

How about


there is NO Audio commentary by QT right now. but it is planned for the special edition.

i think at this point its bullshit to continue this discussion. we can be sure though that QT kicks the hell outa this special edition. rumors have it that it will be out this yearr

Actually we were talking about commentary by the actors

And its always cool discussing what could have been.

(Well, at least sometimes)

I wanna see a commentary by the crazy 88’s

HAHAH that would rule!