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Arms of Glory

I’ll admit: I have a fetish for girls with guns :slight_smile: Nothing is more powerful or over the top to me than that; the bigger the gun, the better.

In fact, here’s a few pictures from a new short I’m currently working on titled, “Arms of Glory”. It’s a spoof of Over the Top with deadly stipulations.

Can’t you just feel the love?

Wow the girl in the black looks hot. Is that a Desert Eagle?

The woman in the second picture, give her something better to wear. Chicks with guns should be dressed to kill.

Agreed. This thing was just a spur of the moment, though.

On the contrary, it would seem that the other one always comes prepared…

Wow the girl in the black looks hot.

I agree.

Just recently added the teaser for Arms of Glory to YouTube.

Check it out:

Hope to have this completed soon…