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Appeal of anti heros, with reference to Vince, Jules & Beatrix....?

Hiya, Im doing a project on the appeal of anti heros in pulp fiction and Kill bill vol 1 with particular reference to Vince, Jules and Beatrix. I would really appreciate anyones ideas/ comments on these anti hero characters, thank you… :wink:

what exactly do you need to know? I’m sure if you expand a little bit we’d be able to help you out no problem.

Appeal of anti heros, so you want to know what makes them likeable? Everything from the dialogue to the smallest quirks - just watch his movies you lazy bastard.

Appeal… Don’t know what you mean by this. I like Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction but not Jules or Vincent or Bea in particular.

Why not just ask: Can you do my homework for me?

Sorry… my question wasn’t clear enough, thanks for your responses though…I mean what is the appeal of Vince & Beatrix, why do we like them? I know why i like them but Im interested for research reasons why you like them,and I’d really appreciate your thoughts, thank you…