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Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier

I just received this in the mail and I was so excited I had to share the news. This film is one of my all time favorites. Note: I even have the painted theatrical poster framed on my wall.


The DVD package is the dossier from the film. Its a simple cardboard box sleeve with the red melted plastic stamp (seen in the film) which is velcroed down.

Slide the dvd case out and you see the front DVD cover has a painted photo of Col. Kurtz (Brando) washing his head with the water dripping down in the darkness. The Apocalspse Now logo is raised in black below it. Very classy.

The box opens into thirds with the left and center featuring a huge photo of Willard looking out from his bamboo cage. The far left lists the features on Disc One. The far right is where the 2 discs are held.

Fold it in and you see the special features on Disc 2.

The back of the package reads: This mission does not exist, nor will it ever exist. Below that we see the boat moving towards us on the river past the Do Long Bridge.

Contains both Apoc Now theatrical version and Redux.

This set is FILLED TO THE BRIM with extra features and has an audio commentary by Francis Ford Coppola FOR BOTH CUTS. This is THE essential release of this film, so if you’re a huge fan like me, make sure to pick it up!

For me, this is the best DVD release of 2006 hands down.

Thats fantastic news! Any idea when it’s going to be released?

I havent got Apocalypse Now on DVD yet, and its one of my favourite films, so I’ll definitely be picking this one up.

You’ve got me all excited now.

Edit: I just found out its being released on August 16th, which is not very far away at all!

Great packaging no doubt, BUT it’s far from perfect. Two reasons why:

1.) The Heart of Darkness documentary is not present among the extra features.

2.) Both movie versions are split over two fucking discs! Blasphemy!!

Yeah I cant understand why they would put the first halves on one disc, and the second halves on another.

I just watched the theatrical cut with Francis’ commentary last night. Its awesome. I also watched a couple of the featurettes on the second disc on the music for the film. Hearts of Darkness isnt included, but theres footage from it on there.

In one part of the film, Francis said that after the film was done and they were editing it, he went to none other than Akira Kurosawa for some advice on what to do with certain scenes. He said Kurosawa not only gave him advice, but he gave him TOO MUCH advice. He was really honored that Akira was so interested in the film.

NOTE: I didnt realize the films were cut up over two discs until I watched it last night. So that makes this set not perfect, but still its the best release of Apoc Now on DVD you’re gonna get. I’d buy this set just for the commentaries with Francis alone. Its really great to listen to him talk about making the film as you watch it.

I bought it two days ago for a farely low price, much lower then I expected.

I had never seen the flick, but I was in dyer need to buy something. I loved it, but I wasn’t to up on the anti-climatic ending.

I plan on watching Redux tonight.

i wont buy this because a) i have the redux on dvd and the quality is okay b) that edition doesnt have the alternate ending with the commentare as a seperate features c) its split across discs and d) it’s gonna be out on blue-ray or something by the time i’m gonna have the money to actually buy it


redux is the only way to go fellas, everything else is the poor-man’s version

Seb, Redux isn’t even the best version of the film. Longer film doesnt equal better. Why would you even say that? And who cares about Blu-Ray? Noones even buying that stuff right now.

As far as the Hearts of Darkness doc not being included, Francis has said HE didnt want to include it because he feels its a completely separate film and he actually couldnt include it because another label owns the rights and it wouldve been a big deal to try to get Paramount to go through all that red tape.

Bottom line: The Complete Dossier is THE best Apocalypse Now version in stores at this time. I wouldnt lie to you.

I think Seb’s point was that he knows the Complete Dossier is probably the best version available at this time, but he has a version that will tide him over untill the next release, when he will actually be able to afford it.

Sorry to speak for you there Seb, but I just thought thats was your point.

If theres another better version coming out later with more stuff included then people should definitely wait for that. I didnt know that until a couple days ago. I’ll have to wait and see whats on the next release, but for now The Dossier is the best thing out there and I already own all the different versions of Apoc Now on DVD plus Hearts of Darkness (VHS).

Is the complete dossier dvd the one with the full length 5 hour cut?

The 5 hour cut was the rough cut of the film before it was edited for Cannes. The Dossier is the Theatrical and Redux cuts. I wouldnt want to watch a 5 hour cut of Apoc Now. I think the theatrical cut is the best. Its lean and mean. Redux just slows the film down and the added scenes dont make it any better at all. Its dull.

to me the biggest flaw is the lack of Heart of Darkness. I have seen it and it is not as good as I expected it to be but it is neverthless essential. i think it’s nice they included both versions, so people like pete who can’t appreciate naked playboy bunnies and french plantation owners can have their fun as well :wink:

Whaa? Hearts of Darkness is one of the very best behind the scene filmmaking docs ever shot (if not THE best) IMO. Its incredible! Francis said he couldnt put it on the Dossier for copyright reasons (lots of red tape). I’m sure he would’ve included it if he could have.

The Playboy bunnies were great in the introduction dance sequence but that second part sucked. Naked or not. French Plantation = Zzzzz.

i picked up this badboy today for thirteen dollars and sumthing cents. How much did you guys get it for?

Which part is the naked bunnies at? The indian one was fuckin hot!

i picked up this badboy today for thirteen dollars and sumthing cents. How much did you guys get it for?

same price great movie.

same price great movie.



actually yeaa.

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