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Anyone write music?

there’s a thread for playing an instrument but how many people write their own songs? Have any posted on myspace or anywhere like that? The link at the bottom of my posts will take you to my music page, but those are songs I wrote a while back. I just recorded 4 more and I’m just waiting for the friend that recorded me to do some post work on them.

So, anyone?

I write my own songs, lyrically wise. Haven’t learned guitar yet and don’t know much about music theory, so that’s about as far as it goes for me at the moment. I’ll send you one if you want.

Not posting on here? Would love to see what you wrote 8)

What’s your e-mail?

I’m in a few bands as the lead songwriter. However, I only play guitar in these bands. My favorite of these groups is a fusion/jazz group that are influenced by middle eastern, Indian, Arabian, and Persian influences. It’s like Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats mixed with Secret Chiefs 3.

I’m also in a rock band that can actually be called prog. Prog in the sense of either Porcupine Tree or King’s X. That kind.

I also have a solo project. I record by myself on an eMac. If you’re curious: It’s immature to the max.

Sid Vicious couldn’t play bass guitar

He had no talent

But he was a star

They called him a junkie

They called him a loser

He was nothing more than a heroin abuser

Hated or Loved

I don’t care

He was as badass as they come

With his fucking crazy hair

Nancy was no more than a stupid whore

Johnny Rotten couldn’t save you

But could you save yourself?

I doubt it

No matter how hard you tried

In the end you died

You were a disgrace

With your acne-covered face

Everyone laughed

They called you a fool

But in my eyes

You were still pretty cool

Sid Vicious, where’d you go

Sid Vicious, don’t you know

Tomorrow’s gone

Today’s here to stay

Spiky hair, heroin, and violence

You may no longer be breathing

But you always had it your way