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Announcing ROLLING THUNDER retrospective

Hello fellow fans!

I am currently working in a Rolling Thunder Pictures extravaganza for

It will be a small section of the website that deals specificly with the movies/dvds released by QT’s RTP company. It will offer information about the movie and the possibilty to order them as well as, as much info on the company as I could gather.

I have to say, while I’m writing this I am ordering a bunch of RTP DVDs myself, because I am afraid they’ll be sold out soon… but check out the website this week and you’ll see when the ROLLING THUNDER PICTURES retrospective is online!

be cool

as you could see the thing is online. If you have any of those movies, you can send in your reviews and comments about them I will put them online.

If you don’t have any of those movies be sure to buy them before they get sold out

what is the name of the Band Apart like font you used on the new banner for the retrospective?