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Am I alone?

Or are there some of you who cannot read scripts or watch trailers for a movie you will wait years to see? (i.e) KILLBILL :-[

[quote]Or are there some of you who cannot read scripts or watch trailers for a movie you will wait years to see? (i.e) KILLBILL :-[[/quote]

If I had to do it over again, I wouldnt read the script, but I’ll watch any movie trailers for movies I wanna see.

I wont ever read another film script before the film comes out. But, maybe someone should tell QT to not let everyone have the script before he starts shooting. :wink:

I rarely read scripts or spoilers, but I watch all the trailers that I want, and it doesn’t spoil it for me. In fact, if it is on DVD, I watch the trailers immediately before the movie. I’m weird though.

I have not read the script of Kill Bill, so I do not know fully what will be going on. I have only seen the trailer. I really do not want to read the script. The script is out of date anyway. QT has changed is considerably which is his right as a director and writer. For another reason, I want to be surprised. With some movies to read the script would spoil it for me.

Trailers are teasers. They are there to entice you to see the movie. When I see a trailer of a film, it will trigger two reactions in me, either “Whoa! That looks good. I want to see that,” or “Nah, not my kind of movie.” Trailers are subjective, but they do give you just enough info to get you interested, especially if you haven’t been to a forum such as this and do not know that it exists. For some, the trailer will be the first time that the film is introduced to them. So trailers do serve their purpose.



I don’t like reading the script before I’ve seen the movie. I enjoy watching trailers except when it’s one of those trailers that gives away the whole plot.

I dont like reading anything about movies I REALLY want to see. I’m also always nervous about trailers as well - I HATE IT when they give away the plot as Norma mentioned.

I think knowing everything about a movie fucks it up when you finally see it.

Word to that, except alter that statement to mean major spoilers.

[quote]Word to that, except alter that statement to mean major spoilers.[/quote]I don’t think it needs to be that major. If i’m watching Kill Bill and The Bride’s in a tough situation I don’t want to know how she gets out. I don’t want to know how she’s going to kill one person or the next. Knowing what happens ruins it for me. It’s something I have a big problem with. Too bad I know how the first instalment ends.

I couldn’t wait to read the Kill Bill script when i first found it. My friend told me not to because he did that with Batman Forever and ruined it. I said “What the fuck was there to ruin?” I decided to read the script anyway but promised myself that i would only read half, so that i wouldn’t ruin the end. I did that, and then two weeks later news comes out that the movie is cut in half. So i’m like Fucked because i know the entire plot of the first part. In my opinion, don’t read scripts.

Ive read thye first fight scene from the script - it kicks arse.

I am tempted to read on and was going to ask the opinions of those who have read it already.

Still ten(?) weeks till its released.

I read the part with Vernita green and stopped there. It was hard not to read the whole thing. Seems like there are a lot of additions that Quentin put in between the final and the draft we read. Maybe it will contain enough surprises to entertain those who have read the old draft.

I don’t understand why I would ever spoil myself of a movie I’ve been wanting to see pissingly bad. The worst thing I’d subject myself to would be a trailer. Otherwise, hell no, I would never read a script.

I made it! (well, almost) Have not seen script or trailer yet:)

I read the script earlier this year and I havent re-read it since because I dont want to remember every detail when I watch the movie. For me its just like reading a book and then watching the movie about the book. I know the plot, but I’m still excited as hell to see the movie.

**But to those who havent read the script… there is a twist to this story…so if you havent read the script already stick to your guns and dont read the entire script. I kind of wish I hadnt.

Well, I read the script when it came out earlier this year and I read the entire thing, because it wasn’t the final shooting draft. (And even the final shooting draft was changed on set). I still remember a lot of it, but I don’t see it as ruining the movie for me because I have it all pictured one way and I know without a doubt it will be completely different from how I see it in the finished film.