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A Quentin Tarantino zombie movie

I guess you’ve all read the interview.

Based on that quote I don’t think he has a script written or anything, it sounds more like something he’d like to tackle on, and what better time than now when this genre is super hot. And surely someone with such wit and understandment of the zombie genre like QT could create something new, and inject new life and excitement to it. Most films in the exception of a few (Shaun Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, and well Diary Of The Dead) are derrivative of other old movies and just borrow the same rules and storytelling techniques. But I think QT could change all that, especially with the use of his non-linear storytelling, which I think is the best, well his and Charlie Kaufman’s. But I really hope QT goes with it, he’ll deliver. But this is big news, and not to sound like a gay little girl - this shit is exciting.

Don’t know, I don’t really like zombie movies. QT’s better do Inglorious Bastards first and only after that start talking about other genre movies.

not to sound like a gay little girl[/quote]

You are such a gay little girl biohazard. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I would rather see Inglorious Bastards first, but you have a point, and since you seem to love zombie type movies a lot, it’s ok to sound like a gay little girl :wink:.