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A Kill Bill homage/parody movie I made

made this movie in about 2 hours - 15-20 mins of planning and the rest filming - so forgive the intended d grade cheesiness :slight_smile: Just a little nod to an awesome movie that is up there with some of my all time favourites. Edited in Adobe Premiere, Kill Bill music used, some sounds taken from ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ movie. Please check it out, if you hate it thats cool, just dont expect Kill Bill Volume 2 or anything :wink:

ok 2 hours and still no comments… so let me do some…

I like saying I think your short is fantastic funny and cool!!

Definately it looks like you planned this very well… some angles look just like in the Kill Bill animation…

I like the long shot where you follow the steeve guy all the way to the door…

I think you should spend more time and do more!!

I can’t wait to see more people upload more of their short-films work!

Kill Bill can inspire people to do more and better movies…

For some reason I can’t watch Avi files. But I could hear it all and it already sounds better than Charbax’s shit. Maybe it’s cuz you didn’t use that gay nintendo style music that Charbax seems to enjoy using.

Cool shit. 8)

I couldnt see any picture, but it does have the kick-ass music. Hope i can get it to work :slight_smile:

Wow! That was REALLY good. You definatly make more of it!

The garden hose was a really nice touch. Awsome.

If you guys can’t play an .avi file, what you need to do is download the latest version of DivX.

As far as the movie goes, that was pretty fuckin’ good man, I enjoyed every minute of it. The part where he cuts off the guy’s arm, was brilliant - great work. Charbax, sorry to say… This movie is about 100000000000000000000 times better than yours. That is my honest opinion.

NICE, I really enjoyed it. There were some nice shots in there and I really liked the garden hose. Keep up the good work ;D

Thanks for the tip on Divx man.

So I finally saw it and I’ve come to the conclusion that Usurper has more of a chance at becoming a filmmaker than Charbax does. haha Usurper that was fuckn awesome dude. The Ironside scene was the best.

much better then charbax :wink:

it was a ok for how long it took you to make it, but what was missing was your own  personal touch to make it yours.

Parodies can rip off all types of movies, but the write/director always has something “ORIGINAL” in them. There wasn’t a lot of originality in this piece, just some re-making of scenes from a movie.

I’m not hating, I enjoyed. Just something to consider next time…you could probably make a pretty cool movie.

I loved the black and white garden hose though. That was cool

Thanks guys.

I get what you mean Kentucky-Fried MotherTrucker, but i suppose bringing the cheap spontaneously-planned nature to it all was the only thing original i had to offer to it. Bringing stuff in like the garden hose arterial spray for instance. I kinda put homage/parody in the title because i thought it had small elements of parody but overall it was more of a fan movie and thats what i’d probably categorise it as.

[quote]Dead Nigga Storage wrote:

Burn Charbax… hillarious[/quote]

I’m happy my name appears in as many threads as possible… It’s all fine people know my name… Whatever they think is cool to say about my point of view in my posts and no matter how cool or uncool my student-quality short-movies are towards any types of audiences (specially towards the 16-18yr old stupid US american high-school bastard)… I know I am a better person than those specific people are.

For newcomers who wants to understand what kind of difference there is between my class of human being and theirs, read through the huge and maybe one of the most popular threads on this forum:

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There you can see how degenerate, underdevelopped and uneducated their understanding of society is. You can see same people posting stupid things over there are the ones that have nothing else to post in CHAT LOUNGE than burn of the Charbax.

I only reply to that crap when I am at the board, but I don’t have to… I could let them have the last word, cause one well situated point of view can see the obvious wrong that they are in… BUt I also keep replying cause it is allright fun to add one right comment after the other. and I reply in Usurpers thread cause there are 6 other posts in here that menchen my name.

I’ve seen a lot of stupid student films, and i’ve seen even more home movies that honestly had 20 minutes of preperation time. But this was one of the best i’ve ever seen, maybe the best. You put in some great editing with sound right where they should be. It really did remind me of Kill Bill.

Hey Glen your movie was really good!

Have you made some more stuff?

I would like to see more.

hey Usurper, can you put this back up?

yea i want to see it

argh i need someone to host it! Charbax, bless his heart, hosted it for a while, then one of my mates hosted it but he had limited bandwidth. Any ideas on hosting?

could submit to ebaums world or something maybe…

Media Player showed me that “connecting” caption so long that I wanted to close the file and thought that something’s wrong.

But then I saw it. Cool. Watching it second time is funnier than the first, I don’t know why, but I was laughing when that Steve was walking and camera following. And music too, though it’s from Kill Bill, you used it in the right scenes.


lmao, thats fucking great!

I cant see it, Ive only got the sound :-</E>