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A Kill Bill funny edit

Hey guys, I made a funny fan video of Kill Bill. It’s short, but I think it’s good. Please tell me what you think, either here, or on youtube comments.

Here’s the link to the video:

I also have many other Kill Bill fan videos:


That IS some funny stuff! I liked the diff music/voices you used for them!


This is awesome, I liked everything. Good job.

I have to say i laughed a lot. although i think it is a bit unbalanced (lots of fluid and funny moments, but also a few that are a bit choppy), the finale with the fake ads is genius. i loved the “STUPID…” thing… hilarious!

I’m torn between love and hate.

perhaps slightly embarrased… ;D

I was debating about whether to start doing these kinds of comedic movie edits but I decided not to. I enjoy watching them though. Theres a really great one called SHINING some guy did. Hilarious.

Funny stuff ;D

Thanks a bunch for your comments guys, I appreciate them! And I’ll see if I can find that Shining one…

Here ya go. I just found it. So funny:

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Thanks ToothpickVicVega, that was good.

And speaking of recut trailers, I did make one Kill Bill/300 trailer…

And a fake trailer for a fake movie about Bill:

That some funny shit! I like the head on bit. My Pulp Virgin video is really stupid but I plan to do more when I get the time

I want to add an ending to that with Wallice bent over by the hillbilly saying “I was wrong Butch< life is all about the butthole pleasure!”

Thanks, and that spoof of yours was real good, I’d like to see more.

I made a new video, go watch it here:

Tell me what you think.

I’ve made a brand new funny edit. You can watch it here:

Please comment, all feedback is appreciated.

Here’s a fourth one if you’re interested:

I tend to include little bits from other Tarantino movies too.

This was funny, I like the scene between Beatrix and the sodajerk from the diner. To quote The Stuntman, “Now that, was fun.”

Thank you. Here’s my fifth Kill Bill funny edit. I think it’s my best yet. Comments are appreciated.

That was the shit! Fookin’ Excellent. After today, I needed a good laugh.

Thanks Marvin,


Head On…Brilliant.