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A deadly Short Film

Last night I picked my camera with no script, I filmed what came to mind, you have to make your own conclusion to the actual storyline… So about 8hrs later with no sleep we have the result…



You’ve got to be kidding… This is GREAT !!! I love the beginning. I thought fucking cool after I saw his hands. I had to look at one section twice to understand what was going on, but then I understood. I loved it, good work.

holy shit.

I have to admit I don’t really get the story (maybe there is none), but this is extremly well made! Congrats, man! that short is awesome! send it to Tribeca! You really should send this to festivals, dude! this is very crafty!

nice, a little slow paced but allright

i think the editing was pretty good, also the use of color.

did you make the soundtrack yourself?

I wish i did! maybe something I’ll learn… It is royalty (copyright) free, found it on a sound sight somewhere. It was all part of the edit getting the picture to fit into sound. I’ve decided to put another short film together, taking a little more time than just one night. Im scheduling myself to one week, expect result: Monday 4th July

all goes well…

I loved it! I like how the structure of it forced you to draw your own conclusions as to what happened. It made you tie both ends of the knot, with a very intricate rope. Lol that line was bullshit. But it was cool, very original!

Cheers 8)

Nice mood. I like how you show the cleaning backwards.

great mood, style and sense of that some nasty shit has just been going down…nice tension build up going up the stairs, I like the colors…

what is the blood made of? that looks really good!

looking forward to seeing your next short! great stuff man 8)

Given what you were working with (not much I assume) this is very well done.

Based on what I saw, it seems like you have a natural nack for film-making. Keep up the good work.

all goes well…
That’s a phrase I aint using again… asides all that. I came up with another short horror idea, shelved it. Now working on my first official Gangster/Thriller Short. Filming to start after a well need holiday (2 Weeks in Ayia Napa!!) For the mean time, if you have not noticed my banner? I’m working on my own short film website ‘Dillon’s Productions’ although there is not much as of yet, there is more to come (there is a little extra short) just click my banner to enter.

forgive me for saying this but, that has to be the ugliest site I’ve ever seen in my life.

the truth is, if you are unable for the moment to put up a decent looking site, then don’t bother.

listen – this industry is all about image and perception, and having a really, really amateurish looking site is not going to help your cause at all. Especially when it’s out of all places, hosted on geocities.

Then again, if you’re just doing this for fun, or is a hobby for you, then by all means just ignore my previous post.

I realized what I wrote after I posted it was a little bit on the rude side and was on the verge of deleting it. Though I figured it would be a lot better if you heard it from someone who is actually trying to help, first.

I understand that you don’t know the first thing about coding or graphic design. That’s why you get someone who does. If you just want a place where you can upload your movies on the net, then your original links were fine.

If you were to go around and look for jobs or partner with anyone serious and showed them that site… it would be on par with scratching your ass and then shaking hands in an interview. Everything you do, you want to look professional along with anything you associate yourself with.

A lot of these independant production companies are in the same boat as you, yet look at the sites they have: - Adorija Films - Bitter Films - All Day Breakfest - Broken Lens Productions - Amaze Films

You get the point.

Yeah I know what your saying, and I appriciate the second post. You guessed the site is only a hobby, and I don’t have nearly enough info on the site, but hey Rome was not built in a day.

some questions…

what camera did you use?

what editing software did you use?

how did you get those colors?

again…great work man! btw is your site offline?

some questions…

what camera did you use?

what editing software did you use?

how did you get those colors?

again…great work man! btw is your site offline?


what camera did you use? - Canon MV630i

what editing software did you use? - Imovie

how did you get those colors? - Adjustments in contrast.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … l/*jmart32”>*jmart32</LINK_TEXT>

Note: I’m a huge Tarantino fan, who just decided to do this. Leme know what you think.