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A couple of QT-related blurbs

From my local TV guide thingie that came in the newspaper today:

"Pam’s cue to Quentin"

Pam Grier is intent on getting her “Jackie Brown” director Quentin Tarantino to guest on Showtime’s “The L Word,” the series that follows the lives of several female friends–gay and straight. “He’s still a great actor and he loves to act–he’s done a couple of television pieces,” says Grier. "He has such great intensity. He’ll probably come on as the brother of one of the girls on the show, or something, and cause some drama. It would be fantastic."

And from a new interview with Clint Eastwood:

Unforgiven and Mystic River are intended to get audiences to think about the consequences of violence, instead of taking voyeuristic pleasure in it. But while your work has matured, Hollywood has taken more of a video-game approach, with the Kill Bills and Terminator movies. Do you find this troubling?

[…] I haven’t seen Kill Bill, but I know that the director, Quentin Tarantino, is a younger guy who likes the westerns I did with Sergio. Presumably, at some point later in his career, he may try to take a different tack with violence. […]

Wow, thanks. I wonder if Clint has seen any of his movies, cause he usually does take violence very seriously, ect. Im really happy that he gave him propor respect, and didnt dog him about it. very cool.

How bout instead, Pam Grier guest stars and has some lesbian scenes? 8)

* sexy growl*