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A 3D virtual movie future?!?

Okay so my video teacher went down to Ohio University for a meeting and one of the main film school teachers and Ohio University, which OU has the biggest film school thing i think in Ohio but she said one of the main professors at the film school there talked about how everything is going to be 3D and virtual in the future and soon like the next 20 years or so, everything will be 3D and virtual and he talked about how young students are in the digital era where they were born with digital stuff and television and all of that and he said that Americans should learn how to work with 3D graphics and CGI cause in the future everything will be virtual and 3D and Japan is already on it so if American doesnt learn how to do that Japan will blow Hollywood out of the way. I just want to know your opinions and/or facts about this. Is this college professor really for real or is he over blowing it and just giving his opinion or is he totally clueless and it wont be coming soon or ever? Cause I hate CGI i feel its one of the worst things to of happened and people now just over use it and its really bad. I am an aspiring filmmaker and I don’t my whole life to make 3D virtual shit unless I can make it all life action and then people can sit in theaters with 3D classes or some shit. But I am not an animator and I am just really worried if this is how Hollywood will be in the near future. Is this OU guy right or is he over blowing it or is completely incorrect?

Things are already starting to go the way of digital 3-D projection. Almost all major theaters now a days only use digital projection and more and more movies are being released in 3D. I don’t think we’ll ever see a day though where on screen actors are completely replaced by CGI characters or that every film that’s released will be released in 3D.

As far a virtual reality is concerned Disney is already pretty far along in the game. They’ve got this Finding Nemo attraction at Disney World (or Land not sure) where the CGI character on screen can literally be interviewed on the spot. The example they showed was a large group of kids raising their hands to have their questions answered and the CGI turtle pointed directly at a boy in a red shirt and was like: “Yes, the boy in the red shirt.” I think it’s only a matter of time before these sorts of things get brought into the film world and movies become interactive. But then again video games these days are practically interactive movies already.

so you think filmmakers will always be around making live action stuff even if it will be digital and might be shown 3D

Yeah, even if Robert Zemeckis manages to make his motion capture movies look good I don’t think it will ever fully replace live action. People used to think cinema was the death of “legitimate theatre” but people still go see plays all the time. Stunt men may go extinct though.

Dude fuck Hollywood now. I am an aspiring filmmaker and if I would happen to get some success and I was to make a movie with a car chase or hell a car chase movie for that matter I would want a Stunt man or Stunt woman some goes for explosions I don’t want a CGI explosion if i want some thing to explode i will make it explode. Hollywood is to safe now they have to make everything safe and they are too lazy to take time with something so they use technology as an excuse to make something go by quick and fast but make it shitty. With CGI Hollywood now feels to take advantage of their use of CGI and make everything mostly CGI in a lot of cases. Pisses me off sorry if i feel in a bad mood. I happen to love film very much and happen to love the history of it and the business and its a shame what is happening even though their are good films out their theres not enough and their is not enough talented directors and out there we are too afraid to pick someone from the street even if their good.

I don’t know, I think in a lot of cases it still looks good. Like say the bullets in Once Upon a Time In Mexico or the explosions and blood squirts in Hot Fuzz. If it’s done right it’s really nothing more than fancy editing.