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40 Lashes & our fvourite Film McCoy

I’ve been hearing for quite some time now that Quentin will make an Elmore Leonard novel into a movie,but I kinda doubt

it,because he keeps talking about Grind House and Hell Ride and Inglorious Bastardswith no visible proof that he’s gonna

make 40 Lashes… :-</E> ah,hell,all that remains is a little hope which I have…

???Pour favour.madames et messieurs,if you have any information about this great project… fill me with the info…

8) 8) 8)

that is a veeeeery old rumor, that came from Miramax buying the rights to a number of Leonard novels. But since then, nothing has been heard about this. It is safe to say this is buried or something, especially since the wenstein split, I am not sure if they took over these rights