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1969 soundtrack

So far we don’t know exactly how the soundtrack is going to be like, we can just speculate.

Once…'s property master Chris Call has posted a fantastic 1969y playlist on Facebook with tunes to get you going check it out

That’s quite something

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Since morricone wrote music for the hateful eight, Quentin should hire Walter Murphy to write an original score, due to his great big band swing type music and Williams-eqsue action cues.

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Added some info to the Soundtrack page

Official OST is about to land

it will land tomorrow… we’ll update you asap.

Amazon USA link is already up

Tarantino fans! I’m super excited to see the movie and thrilled to hear another iconic soundtrack! I’m a musician myself and Tarantino soundtracks always inspired me, so I wrote a song as a tribute to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Would love to hear y’all’s feedback!


Tequila edition

I found this article which was pretty much the holy grail for me as a Tarantino music collector. It lists all of the songs in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the order and context that they were used in the film. Hope someone else finds it as useful as I did.

I’ll buy a copy tomorrow.

Where we listen to these songs in the film: “The bed” by Morricone; “Soul serenade” by Willie Mitchell; “Time for livin '” by The Association; “Theme from It’s happening” by Paul Revere & The Raiders?

Spotify, Amazon or iTunes don’t have them?

Only “Soul serenade”, “Theme from It’s happening” and “Time for livin”, but
these four songs are credited in the credits, but are not heard in the movie…

ah I see what you mean. Well, they might play in some background somewhere (maybe in a restaurant) and they still have to credit them - or it is music that is featured in scenes that didn’t make it into the theatrical cut. Tim Roth is credited as an actor, even though he was cut…

The Its Happening beginning of the song is heard when Squeaky is first shown, but the rest of the songs you mentioned were not, they were probably cut.

Ebay USA listing