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16mm Short Film - Railroad Antics (3min)


A hero, his girl, and their lovely picnic. Clearly this is an unacceptable situation for any villain to allow. Havoc ensues.

Shot on 16mm B&W reversal film with a hand crank Bolex H16 camera. Many of those I’ve shown it to seem to enjoy it, so I thought I’d get some feedback from the people who count. It’s three minutes long with the credits, so if you have the time, I’d love to hear what you think.



I enoyed it. The fight scene was pretty entertaining and the punches looked great. Have you done anything else?

Team America music!

You wouldn’t have happened to have filmed that at the NYFA? It just seems like it, cause its 16 mm, black and white, no captured sound and made by a teen. Anyway, it’s cool.


I have done some other stuff, but only on DV.



I’m actually 19 (kind of a teen), and go to UNLV (in Las vegas, Nevada).

Sent the film off to NY to get it developed though.

Thanks for both watching my short. I’m glad you both enjoyed it. If you want, check out the other two I posted above.


I have done some other stuff, but only on DV.[/quote]

I like that shot where the nun puts the tape in the vcr

The Sticky Nunnery one was the best, I don’t know if the Matrix music suited it perfectly but it was funny. The From a Sky Above’s music was really working against the film, and it moved too slow not to have any scares, ya know, like you were building up to it, but if you were gonna have a scare you have to include a really quick loud violin noise. But they’re good, real film is tough to work with, you did a good job in the first posted film. Where’d you get the camera? Also, the shot where you pan across the hall to see the Nun watching the movie was great.

I thought the one with bandit and the hero. was very god. it had some beuatiful camra work and i like the fact that you made it in black and white. good job!