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1 minute short film extravaganza

I have this idea, where we choose a theme and make a 1 minute short film (or tops 3 minutes) about a certain subject.

Within lets say…a week?

Then we post them and give eachother feedback,comments, choose which short rocks the most, etc.

good idea? who would be interested?ÂÂ

that is actually a cool idea. i’d love to see some. whats the 1st topic?

hmmm dunno yet, first check out how many would like to participate :slight_smile:

otherwise i would be the only one making a short :stuck_out_tongue:

so post here if you re up for it!!

anybody who has a cool idea for the first topic is welcome too!! 8)

opening topic suggestion: running (thats it, keeping it as broad as possible, be creative!)

but first sign up here!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good, I need to get back to work…

cool! 8)

thats 1, plus me 2!

Anybody else? I think we need like 4 people…to start with

hmmm, i would like to join, but i’m not @ home next week :S

I never made a movie, but i’ll want to learn it, so this is a great chance to practice :slight_smile:

Can’t we set the rule to 3 weeks perhaps? :wink: :angel:

I am in.

i make films all the time, it will be good to get a subject and see how it turns out.

There’s actually a 1 minute short film festival here at school. Entitled, “In a minute”

ok filmmakers…lets make film!

the first deadline is sunday the 4th of september! the subject is running…

have fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

does anyone know a good host to put your little movies? so you can link to them? even more than 10 MB?

or a good mediaconverter so I can get my short under 10 MB?

I got my short in WMV. but its still like 14 MB… how can I put it online? or convert it so its less MB>?

I am probably the only one who did something :stuck_out_tongue: but here is my little short…

DONT PRESS PLAY!! WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD AND START!! (do something in between while loading, it may take a while)

took ages too load but haha that was some cooool shit, love the music right before slaying the dragon 8) props! i might fix something later this week

very cool :smiley:

Finished my idea too, tomorrow i’m shooting some footage and hope 2 finish and upload it :smiley:

thanks for the comments guys! looking forward to seeing some of your movies!

well, I hope I dont speak just for myself, but I always want to make shorts/ pieces/ scenes/ etc but always say that I want to and never get any work done…thats basically the purpose of this topic…motivate you a bit and just experiment with some stuff…have some fun…and actually do something in stead of just saying that you re gonna do something. No matter if it sucks, or isnt quite what you hoped for, just get better and get some experience! 8)

really looking forward to some stuff of other people!! :slight_smile:

I would do it but I dont know how to get my video camera stuff on to my computer.

do you have a dv camera? if so, just plug iit into you computer with a firewire cable and capture it with capture software…even windowsmoviemaker will do…

I dont have a dv camera.

What kind of camera do you have then?

A Hi8 one.