Are QT's characters evil people?

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Re: Are QT's characters evil people?

Post by Lone Mutt » Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:26 am

Holiday wrote: Gee...thanks... :P

Well, you know what I think...but I'll write it again (you're a native German speaker, no? Sorry...I'll try not to use so many unusual English words this time):

1) Free choice is a misconception. We can choose from different things, but due to our genetic structuring, we may only choose one thing.

2) Human beings use morality to rationalize and use rationalization to protect their morals. Mr. Blonde (or many other iconic screen villains, for that matter) desire to cause harm to other people. They are sadists, they are sociopaths (meaning they wish to distance themselves from mankind), and they are evil. They are not insane, for insanity is the complete inability to use or have rational thought. Insanity, like free will, is an illusion...a misconception, if you will. People born with the desire to harm other people may have reason, and use that reason to justify their actions, or they may use reason to plan them, or they may make the conscious decision to reject reason on the basis that they'd prefer not to use it (in a sense, using reason to remove reason).

3) And again, no one chooses who they are. It's impossible to do that. All we can do is come to grips with our genetically created personalities and use them A) to benefit others, or B) to harm others. If a person, due to genetic inclination (or any other means) has the will to cause harm to others, he still has the WILL to cause harm to others. The fact that he didn't create himself is irrelavent. He wouldn't have it any other way.
Hitler had 100,000s human beings killed that had mental issues because he thought it was "evil". Back a long time ago women were hung for being witches (in most cases they werent). There is no such thing as good nor evil. I do think there actions, actions that are good or evil.. also like what Hitler had done very horrific things... He was the devil in my eyes. When something happens like a murder, you hear it in the news and you think the murder is evil. But in the murders case he or she could have murder the person for some reason that we have no idea about. If we knew the reasons then in some cases the murder might have had a good reason to.

I remember a case where i man killed a cathlic preist. The reason the man killed him was because the preist had raped his son. And anyone would want to kill someone for such a sick action. Back to the witch hunts, most people couldnt act normal without being considered a "witch!". I read a book that was true about this and most kids couldnt run around the forest because the forest was considered the devils working place...

We could talk about this shit forever.
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Re: Are QT's characters evil people?

Post by VikingWithNoName » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:05 pm

Marvin Nash
The cops in Jackie Brown
Wayne Gale(In the origianl NBK-script)
Earl McGrew
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Re: Are QT's characters evil people?

Post by Kinick » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:15 pm

I don't think the fact we may not see most of those character's do something evil or questionable means they can be considered "good"... I mean I'm sure if Marvin Nash was able to wriggle his was out of that situation after getting his ear hacked off, it would be difficult for him to remain a goodie-two-shoes.

But the same would go for anyone in a situation like that, so I wouldn't say they're all evil, but maybe violent people. Just life.

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