El Mariachi

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Lucio Fulci

Re: El Mariachi

Post by Lucio Fulci » Thu May 31, 2007 4:54 am

El Mariachi is beautiful. A very short film but very good nonetheless. It's amazing how he took on this project all by himself with such very little money that he obtained by subjecting himself to experimental drugs. But judging by the script, which I read a few hours ago, (it was kind of hard to find), production companies wold have eventually passed on it. Not because it's horrible, but because of the whole latin dialect and characters. But when you read you can tell that he wrote it for the sole purpose of creating it himself. This movie is a real charmer, it reminded me of Romero and Night Of The Living Dead. You can hear Romero commenting on Rodriguez in the blueundergrund DVD version of "The Crazies". Geoge Romero: "Have you seen that 10 minute flick school from that Rodriguez guy? It's real guerilla filmmaking". Now that's a great complement paid to Rodriguez from a real icon.

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