[Fan Art] Kill Bill DVD Covers

Kill Bill DVD and video section, also deals with version comparisons
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[Fan Art] Kill Bill DVD Covers

Post by Sebastian » Tue Sep 28, 2004 12:07 pm

I was unable to edit the old topic, because it was created by a GUEST in the old software, so here's everything that's still visible in terms of custom made dvd covers and such:

by Pantsman:

by Me (and Vic and Pantsman):

[img width=400 height=266]http://www.tarantino.info/stuff/dvd.gif[/img]

by Steve-O


by Pantsman:

[img width=400 height=266]http://www.variedcelluloid.com/images/billdvd002.jpg[/img]


http://forum.vcdq.com/attachment.php?s= ... tid=132713

There were a lot more, but that's all thats still available onlilne

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