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Re: QT & Violence

Post by Drexel Spivy » Sun May 10, 2009 10:54 am

QT movies are violent but its so awesome, it adds an artistic depth and wow factor to his films also the violent scenes will always be remembered. No one will forget Pulp fiction when Vincent and Jules are in the car wih Marvin then BANG !  ;D brilliant,

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Re: QT & Violence

Post by robthie » Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:22 pm

I do not think that there is any conclusive evidence between violent films and people going out and physically becoming violent after watching a violent film.

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Re: QT & Violence

Post by AdrianRWD » Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:17 am

Q.T.'s violence is art, period. Anything that exists in reality has the right to be portrayed artistically and to be looked at from a different perspective. Whether it's a beautiful woman, a basket full of fruits or a Nazi getting a swastika carved into his head, where's the difference? ;D
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