Quentin's Plan To Take Pitt To The Next Level -- SUCCESS !!!

Once Upon a Time... in Nazi-Occupied France. Quentin Tarantino's latest!
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Quentin's Plan To Take Pitt To The Next Level -- SUCCESS !!!

Post by postmaster.general » Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:42 am

. . . it was brilliance -- SHEER BRILLIANCE!!! -- the way quentin planned out this movie. you can see his scheming in every frame. you can tell he designed this move with the utmost care, so delicately. the basterd! the man is a cunning basterd. he's a wizard, no he's the KING of the wizards, a sorceror. you can see the manipulation in the calculated architecture of this film . . .

. . . and he's given the magic to brad pitt. he's contributed to pitt's career exactly the same way he boosted travolta and jackson in pulp. you can see why he chose this cast of players to highlight and piggyback brad pitt like ac/dc's angus young piggybacked on brian johnson's shoulders. none of the actors oppose pitt or detract from him like for instance might happen if this was an ocean's picture, pitt fighting with clooney et al. and quentin has succeeded. has he ever. he set out to take pitt to the next level and that's what he's done. as an actor, and as a badass and cool war movie character. tarantino's elevated pitt's presence to that of a persona akin to john wayne or more accurately i would say to the level of william holden or robert mitchum . . .

. . . inglourious is as spectacular as anything tarantino has ever done and it's brad pitt's best movie period . . .

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