How to move on from here

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How to move on from here

Post by Sebastian » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:39 pm

Hi Everyone

this forum has not seen the most activity recently, but there's a chance to
revive it. We'd love to switch the Forums to a hosted
Discourse solution and breathe fresh life into it (Facebook and Twitter
login, mobile compatibility, better search, user mentions, etc.), but it
would require at least $200/yr in hosting alone, so we're looking for
donors or sponsors to get that going. Let us know if you have any leads.


What's discourse? A new kind of message board solution, see

Where else can I see it in action? At the The Spaghetti Western Database -

Where can I donate? e.g. at or
PayPal directly to

Discourse hosting option we are looking into:

What kind of Sponsor are we looking for? Exclusive banner or button for the
whole year in exchange for covering all the costs and then some. The
Tarantino Archives has thousands of visitors each day and over 200 thousand
Facebook followers.

Thanks for reading


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